Advanced Tricks to Keep You Motivated During Homework Time

Homework plays a big part in every education system. Its culture is deeply rooted in the skeletons of our society. Many individuals have always had varying opinions about homework but national reports continue to show increasing statistics that indicate great progress in learning as a whole.

Over time, homework has generally proven to be more advantageous. Some of its outstanding benefits include the lauded parental involvement and reinforcement of studied materials.

However, we understand that it also has a negative side where many students have claimed to be extremely stressed with tight due dates and numerous assignments than they can handle. Despite its ability to enable students to memorize knowledge and prepare them for success, staying motivated when doing them can be a very tricky affair.

We considered this and ventured to find solutions that you can easily incorporate into your routine. Here are some of the advanced tips to help boost your motivation levels when tackling any future assignments.

  1. Consider using the Pomodoro method
  2. The Pomodoro technique is a great and proven method designed to increase your accomplishment rates and productivity. The technique requires users to break large tasks into smaller manageable bits. You can divide a 3-hour chunk into 20-minute sessions and 10-minute breaks between every session. For bigger tasks taking more than four consecutive sessions, consider taking a longer break of about 15 to 30 minutes long.

  3. Recite positive mantras
  4. Mantras are a proven way of enlightening our mood. When tackling your homework, you can keep yourself motivated and on track by reciting positive mantras that will cheer you up. For this to work best, consider coming up with your mantra statements. Something likes “I will submit this assignment on time.” Saying this repeatedly, especially during breaks will keep you energized and motivated to finish your homework.

  5. Explore unique styles of learning
  6. Different students learn differently. Some grasp knowledge easily from audio memory while others visualize concepts to keep track of what they have learned. Experiment around with graphics organizers and other unique learning styles to find the best one suited for you. Feel free to combine two or more styles to maximize your memorizing capacity.

  7. Remember to reward yourself
  8. Patting yourself on the back whenever you accomplish a task is a great way of keeping your motivation nerves plugged in. Reward yourself every time you complete an assignment. To identify the best motivational rewards, start by assessing your cravings, likes, and desires but maintain them within your budget. Don’t stress yourself going for an expensive drone while a simple five-minute funny clip on YouTube can do the trick.

  9. Take responsibility for your results
  10. Students often point fingers and find excuses as to why they failed in a particular subject test. Well, you won’t benefit from blaming others for your results. Instead, assume personal responsibility and learn from your mistakes. Ask for guidelines and help on whenever you are stranded. Knowing that your results are your responsibility motivates you to do better next time.

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